Flaviana Matata: Her Story And Her Road To Success

Flaviana Matata was born and raised in Shinyanga Tanzania and grew up only with a father figure for most of her life as her mother had sunk to her death in the MV Bukoba in 1996. Attending Kowak Girls Mission Secondary School as her secondary education, she then did a diploma course in Electrical Engineering at the school Arusha Technical College, and finally transitioning to the pageant life in Miss Universe Tanzania. Not only is Matata the proud winner of multiple prestigious awards, she is also a humanitarian with her foundation, the Flaviana Matata Foundation to help empower girls all around Africa through education. The goal of this foundation is to help “empower young girls and women through education, training, and micro-finance projects; to improve their livelihoods and achieve poverty reduction” through sponsors, maintaining school infrastructure, offering training grants as well as empowerment programs. Adding on to all her standing-ovation deserving actions, FMF also holds a countless amount of projects to ensure all girls in Africa can their right to an education. If you would also like to join in on this inspirational cause, FMF’s website gives you multiple ways to help including sponsoring a girl to help her get her school supplies, uniform, personal belongings, and paying for her school fees, volunteering your time, or even just spreading awareness to your friends, family, classmates, or coworkers about this ongoing problem that thrives all around the world. For more information on Matata’s foundation and how you can help, click the link below to make your dent on the world today.


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