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Dedicated to disadvantaged girls

Maya Rao


Maya founded She Dreams when she was in middle school. She Dreams strives to bring education to disadvantaged girls. Having benefited from the power of learning, she wanted everyone, who is more fortunate, to share and further the power of learning. She and the invited authors blog the need of educating underprivileged girls and its positive impact. Maya also aspires to engage kids and young adults to advocate for all girls through events and fundraisers.


Since Maya was a third grader, she grew various succulents and sold them as container gardens. Now, all the proceeds from the business go to charities that support education of underprivileged girls. 

Neil joined She Dreams as a partner when he was in fourth grade. Neil maintains the succulent garden, and manages the succulent container store and its sales. He is building a spoken English app for Sakhi School for Girls. He brings energy, humor and a fresh perspective to She Dreams. She Dreams is proud to be partnered with him.

Neil Rao



She Dreams is dedicated to ensuring that every girl,

irrespective of her economic and social status, fulfills her right to education. Naturally, She Dreams strives to bolster

the cause of girls who are not provided with the means

to reach full potential. We believe that those of us

who are more fortunate, must strive to bring the power

of education to disadvantaged girls.


She Dreams raises funds by selling succulent container gardens and organizing events. All funds raised are used to help educate disadvantaged  girls around the world

Donate to support education for disadvantaged girls globally

Contact us to blog or volunteer at one of our projects 

She Dreams Conceived 
She Dreams Conceived 
Website and blog launched
First Fundraiser
Global collaboration with Sakhi Girls'  School, India 
Two Fundraisers
Expanded partnerships: Fully fund a library in rural school
Workshops with youth with special needs