Two Impactful Projects at Sakhi with Ongoing Support from She Dreams

Girls Reading School

Girls from the slum areas in Mumbai, India lack continuous support to improve
their basic reading skills. Girls Reading Mentors will provide one-on-one reading activity every day. Teenage girls will become Girls Reading Mentors. 


The mentors will be awarded a small monthly honorarium for their daily support.

SAKHI will encourage reading mentors to open their own bank account and save the honorarium for their school  expenses. 


Students will participate in story-telling workshop, story reading activity, reading competitions, and visits to local libraries.


Girls Life Skills School 


Teenage girls in Mumbai slums face daily challenges at school, home and in their

neighborhood. These challenges become a major barrier to access school education. 


She Dreams & Sakhi will continue to provide a series of basic life skills-building sessions
with interesting activities. One such important skill is to understand safe & unsafe touch. 

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