Changing the Lives of Slum Girls Forever

SAKHI’s mission is to create quality learning spaces at the community level, so that every girl in the slums of Mumbai, India, will get an opportunity to continue her education with confidence. SAKHI means a female friend of girls who inspires, guides, and supports other girls for a good cause. Since 2008, Aarti Naik, a slum-based young girl “Changemaker”, has been building basic educational capacities for other slum girls through a community-based after-school program.

Krishi is a non-profit organization, working at the grass roots in the villages of Telengana and Andrapradesh states in India. Krishi's activities reach out to underprivileged children, youth for skill development and disadvantaged groups. She Dreams is partnering with Krishi on READ2LEAD program to fund and set up libraries in schools in rural India.

Triple A is a student ran organization dedicated to promoting awareness and spreading acceptance regarding social issues. Triple A provided resources such as audio recordings, books, apps, and games to help mainly children with disabilities and impact the future generation.

XTRIM Bollywood is our corporate partner. XTRIM Bollywood offers fitness classes to adults and kids. XTRIM Bollywood has shared their studio for multiple She Dreams fundraisers.

David Chin is a bay area resident and an expert pilot with over 20 years of experience flying various planes. He has partnered with She Dreams in its fundraisers by offering his valuable time and providing flight tours over scenic Bay Area. 

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