Fundraiser : Succulent planting party
Fundraiser for Sakhi School for Girls 2019
Fundraiser : Ride Along Flight Tour

"It was my childhood dream of piloting a plane which never got fulfilled. This scenic flight tour opportunity has given me a chance to fulfill two dreams. 1. Supporting Girls' Education and

2 .Fulfilling my dream.  I feel so satisfied that SheDreams is fulfilling the dreams. Thank you SheDreams" - Satya Ramisetty

Clearwater Ranch Community : Succulent Planting Event for Young Adults with Sprecial Needs

"Maya is wonderful. She and her lovely family came to Clearwater Ranch on Saturday and created a terrific event for our future residents who have special needs. Her gentle energy, impressive leadership and excellent planning made the day for us all.

Brava! More please!" - Toscana Krem (Manager)

"Thank you She Dreams for volunteering at our community of Clearwater Ranch! Your commitment and love is teaching people of different abilities kindness and giving." - Alex DeLuca (Parent)

"Maya you are truly amazing. Our residents enjoyed the activity and it far exceeded our expectations. Katia came home with her new planter box full of crassula and she was very proud of it. Your generosity has touched us. THANK YOU" - Jim Fong (Parent)

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